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  • Newest additions to Pronunciation Guide: Allyson, Karrin; Eckstine, Billy; Hughart, Jim; Spaak, Jazz Officer. New info on: Bluiett, Hamiet
                                             [updated 31 Oct. 00]
    Lupri, Matthias
                                             [updated 19 Dec. 00]
    Evingson, Connie; (Jeff Coffin) Mutet
                                             [updated 30 Jan. 01]
  • "A Paucity of Opinion?"  J.O. Spaak's Latest Rant
    re: The Music Biz (see "The Maelstrom")
    [updated 03 Oct. 00]
  • J.O. Spaak's Declaration of (Semi-)
    Independence From The Music Industry!
    -- NOW POSTED!!   (See "The Maelstrom")
                                               [updated 04 July 00]
  • "Where's The Gig???"
    by Cheryl K, WMUA-FM, Amherst. Cheryl argues that we have an
    obligation to inform our listeners of live events in our listening area.
    See "The Maelstrom" area.
                                               [updated 06 June 00]
  • "Big Labels, Small Labels, and Good Radio Programming"
    by Laurie Gypson, WHCN-FM, Hartford. First response to the
    rantings of J.O. Spaak! Thank you, Laurie! Click on "The
    Maelstrom" in menu to left.
                                              [updated 23 May 00]                                                                            "Portrait of Carmelina's--Hadley, MA"
    Article by Cheryl K, WMUA-FM, about a jazz oasis in a small
    farmtown. Click on "Live Jazz" link to left.
                                                 [updated 09 May 00]
  • News from WMUA-FM, UMASS/Amherst
    Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson announces WMUA's redesigned
    Website may now be accessed via:       
    And, Cheryl invites you to visit her personal area (look for "Java
    Jazz") on that site. Plus, she wins the Interactivity Award as the
    first person from other than the Host station to post her New
    Release recommendations. Way to go, Cheryl K!! Finally, follow
    the link to "Live Jazz" for news of the season finale of the Magic
    Triangle Jazz Series. Now, who will follow her example?
  • Latest Addition to Pronunciation Guide:
    akLaff, Pheeroan
                                                     [updated 18 April 00]
  • Your Station's Input Needed: Otherwise, the content of
    this Website will get rather "stale", don't you think?
  • NOW POSTED: "Station Directory" and "Net Radio" areas
    are now active, based on preliminary info. Jazz Industry "heavyweights"
    from outside New England will soon be invited to comment on the
    NEJRC site!
                                                       [updated 04 April 00]

Our Purpose
   NEW ENGLAND JAZZ RADIO COOPERATIVE (NEJRC) is an experiment in progress, an attempt to establish a "virtual community" for people directly involved in broadcasting of jazz in our region, with participation available to the broader jazz community. It will allow for the exchange of "hard" information, as well as ideas and opinions. New England is actually blessed with many jazz programs, but jazz itself is a tiny, neglected segment of the overall music business; this problem demands to be addressed. This site is hosted courtesy of WWUH-FM, at the University of Hartford, but the views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of WWUH management, staff or licensee, nor is WWUH responsible for any erroneous information carried here.

WebEditors: Jazz Officer Spaak, Jazz Director, WWUH-FM/Host of "The Boundless Jazz Universe", Tuesdays, 9 p.m. to 12 Midnight
                    Chuck Obuchowski, Host of "Out Here and Beyond", Tuesdays,
                      9 a.m. to 12 noon, WWUH, 91.3 FM

   As you will quickly discover, this site is not laden with "slick" graphics. We are not out to "capture eyeballs", but rather to engage intellects. This endeavor will be judged a "success" if it can encourage/"inspire" the participation of you, the visitor to the site.


NEJRC Disclaimer
   Contributions of opinions and personal viewpoints are encouraged; indeed, they are essential to breathe life into any discussion. Articles may be published anonymously, at the writer's request, but we believe it is preferable that you state who you are and what your connection to jazz is. Contributions by "mere fans" of the music are welcome! The WebEditors reserve the right to decline to publish, or to edit for length and/or content. By submitting material, you agree to these terms and understand that you will not be compensated for your contribution.                             
To Submit Material/To Contact Us:
   Please use the following email address to submit information, questions, comments, or materials intended for publication. Please send all text within the email message, NOT as a (dreaded) "Attachment". If a proposed article is very long, you may break it into "Part 1 of 3", "Part 2 of 3", and so on. The Editors intend to check for messages at least weekly, but do not expect immediate responses. We lack the capability to set up a "real-time" "chat room". Thank you for your understanding. Our email address is:


(Don't forget to review the Disclaimer above!)


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navigate the site after studying the options, use the Menu at
upper left of page.]
Station Directory: Geographically organized list of Radio Stations in New England that broadcast jazz, and the hours of those programs. May be printed out and taken "on the road" by travellers in our region.

Net Radio: Links to stations in New England whose broadcast signals are available ("streamed") over the Internet.

The Maelstrom: A forum for opinions on "all things jazz".

Host Recommend: WWUH-FM jazz hosts and those from other stations in the region list their picks of the best New Releases/Reissues.

Live Jazz: News of live performances cosponsored by area radio stations, special events on the air, and links to Websites of regular jazz presenters.

Pronunciation Guide: A not-quite definitive aid to pronouncing some of the more vexing names we encounter in jazz.

Links: A limited (but hopefully helpful) collection of links to Websites of general interest/value to the jazz community.