CULTURE DOGS- SEASON 1 (2002-2003)

CULTURE DOGS #1 (Saturday 12-12:30 am, 03/16/02)
Video: Metropolis (2001, Animated)/ Moulin Rouge (2001)/ Down from the Mountain (2001) (w/ Kevin Lynch)

CULTURE DOGS #2 (Saturday 12-12:30 am, 03/30/02)
Oscars 2002 (w/ Ed McKeon)

CULTURE DOGS #3 (Saturday 12-12:30 am, 04/06/02)
David Fincher Top Five (Panic Room, Video: The Game, Alien 3, Seven, Fight Club)

CULTURE DOGS #4 (Saturday 12-12:30 am, 04/13/02)
Video: Donnie Darko/ Ghost World (w/ Ed McKeon)

CULTURE DOGS #5 (Saturday 12-12:30 am, 04/20/02)
Video: Lathe of Heaven (1980)/ Mulholland Drive/ WSJ: COLIs and Dead Peasants

CULTURE DOGS #6 (Saturday 12-12:30 am, 04/27/02)
Video: The Princess & the Warrior/ Metropolis (2001, Animated) (Repeat seg)

CULTURE DOGS #7 (Saturday 12-12:30 am, 05/06/02)
Sam Raimi Retrospective (Video: The Evil Dead, Crimewave, Evil Dead II, Darkman, Army of Darkness, The Quick and the Dead, A Simple Plan, For Love of the Game, The Gift)

CULTURE DOGS #8 (Sunday, 05/12/02)
Spider-Man/ Video: Jin-Roh, the Wolf Brigade

CULTURE DOGS #9 (Sunday, 05/19/02)
Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones/ Video: The Wicker Man/ TV: Welcome to Eltingville, Cowboy Bebop & Cartoon Networks Adult Swim

CULTURE DOGS #10 (Sunday, 05/26/02)
Insomnia (s) (Insomnia (2002), Video: Insomnia (Norway, 1997))/ Christopher Nolan (Video: Following/ Memento)

CULTURE DOGS #11 (Sunday, 06/02/02)
About a Boy/ The Sum of All Fears

CULTURE DOGS #12 (Sunday, 06/09/02)
Bad Company (2002)/ Falling Down

CULTURE DOGS #13 (Sunday, 06/16/02)
Windtalkers/ Video: Bullet in the Head (Hong Kong, 1990)

CULTURE DOGS #14 (Sunday, 06/23/02)
The Bourne Identity (2002)/ Minority Report

CULTURE DOGS #15 (Sunday, 06/30/02)
The Powerpuff Girls Movie/ Lilo & Stitch

CULTURE DOGS #16 (Sunday, 07/07/02)
Men In Black II/ Best of 2002 (Mid-way)

CULTURE DOGS #17 (Sunday, 07/14/02)
Video: The Killer (1990)/ Jin-Roh, the Wolf Brigade (Repeat seg)

CULTURE DOGS #18 (Sunday, 07/21/02)
Reign of Fire/ Road to Perdition /Video: Sword of Vengeance & Baby Cart on the River Styx (Lone Wolf & Cub Series)

CULTURE DOGS #19 (Sunday, 07/28/02)
K-19: The Widowmaker/ Video: Threads & "Atomic Theater"/ Cocteaus Beauty & the Beast

CULTURE DOGS #20 (Sunday, 08/04/02)
Signs/ Video: Unbreakable (M.Night Shyamalan)

CULTURE DOGS #21 (Sunday, 08/11/02)
Metropolis (German, 1927)

CULTURE DOGS #22A (Sunday, 08/18/02)
Miguel Arteta interview (The Good Girl)/ Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

CULTURE DOGS #22B (Thursday, 08/22/02) (Re-edited)
Miguel Arteta interview (The Good Girl)/ Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

CULTURE DOGS #23 (Sunday, 08/25/02) (One Hour)
The Good Girl/ Simone/ Blue Crush/ Austin Powers in Goldmember

CULTURE DOGS #24 (Sunday, 09/01/02)
Songs from the Second Floor/ James Hanley interview (Cinestudio)

CULTURE DOGS #25 (Sunday, 09/08/02)
One Hour Photo/ I’m Going Home/ Summer 2002 in review

CULTURE DOGS #26 (Sunday, 09/15/02)
Dan McKinley and Eric Bowen (Real Art Ways)/ Video: Quentin Tarantino retrospective (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown special editions)

CULTURE DOGS #27 (Sunday, 09/22/02)
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India/ The Kid Stays in the Picture

CULTURE DOGS #28 (Sunday, 09/29/02)
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart/ Video: Meeting People Is Easy/ Jeff Buckley: Live in Chicago

CULTURE DOGS #29 (Sunday, 10/06/02)
Red Dragon/ Video: Manhunter/ Hannibal/ Silence of the Lambs

CULTURE DOGS #30 (Sunday, 10/13/02)
The Transporter/ How I Killed My Father/ Taxi, Taxi 2, Yamikasi and Wasabi

CULTURE DOGS #31 (Sunday, 10/20/02)
The Ring (2002) & Ring Phoenomema in Asia and Europe (report)/ Mail & Spirited Away

ONE HOUR SHOWS from 10/27/02 on

CULTURE DOGS #32 (Sunday, 10/27/02) (Only "Minimum Wage" segment was archived) Minimum Wage (w/ John Boonstra/ Helder Mira) (Auto Focus/ Frida)/
Fall Fundraiser (Live): James Hanley (New)/ Dan Mc Kinley (Real Art Ways)

CULTURE DOGS #33 (Sunday, 11/03/02)
Buy Nothing Day (11/29/02)/ Punch Drunk Love/ WPL Movies: Ghost World (New) & Fight Club/ Wonder Boys & The Ice Storm

CULTURE DOGS #34 (Sunday, 11/10/02)
8 Mile/ Biggie and Tupac/ Bowling for Columbine/ Gridlockd

CULTURE DOGS #35 (Sunday, 11/17/02)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets/ Harry Potter and the Sorcerers (Philosophers) Stone/ Video: Monsters, Inc/ Cable: Journeys with George/ Half Past Dead (w/Jeff Ryder)

CULTURE DOGS #36 (Sunday, 11/24/02)
40 Years of James Bond/ Die Another Day/ Bond Music/ Bond Producer Fantasy Camp

CULTURE DOGS #37 (Sunday, 12/01/02)
Kurosawa (Seven Samurai/ The Hidden Fortress/ Yojimbo)/ 8 Crazy Nights/ "Hey, I heard you saw" (Treasure Planet/ Solaris/ They)

CULTURE DOGS #38 (Sunday, 12/08/02)
Empire/ "Hey, I Heard You Saw" (Drumline, Analyze That, Real Women Have Curves, Scarlet
Diva)/ Holiday Video Gifting 2002 (Amelie, Specials, Lilo and Stitch, Rookie, Last Temptation of Christ)

CULTURE DOGS #39 (Sunday, 12/15/02)
Star Trek: Nemesis/ State of Trek 2002/ CCSTSG, Trekkies & Mind Meld/ Incubus

CULTURE DOGS #40 (Sunday, 12/22/02)
Gangs of New York/ The Hobbit/ Legend/ The Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Rings (Expanded Edition)/ The Two Towers)

CULTURE DOGS #41 (Sunday, 12/29/02)
Catch Me If You Can/ Best of 2002 (w/ Boonstra/ Mira)

CULTURE DOGS #42 (Sunday, 01/05/03)
Worst of 2002 (w/ Boonstra/ Mira)/ Sams Best DVDs of 2002

CULTURE DOGS #43 (Sunday, 01/12/03)
About Schmidt/ Chicago/ Video: Dancer in the Dark/ Election/ Conrad L. Hall (1926-2003)

CULTURE DOGS #44 (Sunday, 01/19/03) (Night of the Golden Globes)
Adaptation/ Narc/ 25th Hour/ Bamboozled

CULTURE DOGS #45 (Sunday, 01/26/03)
Darkness Falls/ The Hours/ Russian Ark/ Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

CULTURE DOGS #46 (Sunday, 02/02/03)
Repeats!: About a Boy/The Bourne Identity/ Blue Crush

CULTURE DOGS #47 (Sunday, 02/09/03)
Shanghai Knights/ Video: Y Tu Mama Tambien/ Twisted Valentines (Vertigo/ Harold & Maude/ Badlands/ The Virgin Suicides/ High Fidelity/ The Princess and the Warrior/ The Good Girl)

CULTURE DOGS #48 (Sunday, 02/16/03)
Daredevil/ Kevin Smith-o-rama! (Clerks/ Mallrats/ Chasing Amy/ Dogma/ Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back/ An Evening with Kevin Smith/ Clerks Animated)

CULTURE DOGS #49 (Sunday, 02/23/03)
Dark Blue/ Gods and Generals/ Old School/ The Life of David Gale/ Wonderwall/ But Im a Cheerleader

CULTURE DOGS #50 (Sunday, 03/02/03)
Marathon!/ Atarnajuat: The Fast Runner/ Radio Movies (Video: Pump Up the Volume, Empire of the Air)

CULTURE DOGS #51 (Sunday, 03/09/03)
Bringing Down the House/ Tears of the Sun/ Standing in the Shadows of Motown