CULTURE DOGS- SEASON 3 (2003-2004)

CULTURE DOGS #105 (Sunday, 03/21/04)

Dawn of the Dead (2004)/ (Voluminous Movie News!)

CULTURE DOGS #106 (Sunday, 03/28/04)
The Ladykillers/ Jersey Girl/ Tokyo Godfathers/ 2ND ANNUAL TOBY VALK MEMORIAL SHOW (Cowboy Jesus)

CULTURE DOGS #107 (Sunday, 04/04/04)
September 11/ Hellboy/ Walking Tall/ Lucas Belvaux’s The Trilogy: On the Run (France, 2002)/ Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

CULTURE DOGS #108 (Sunday, 04/11/04)
Japanese Story/ Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital (TV)/ Wonderfalls (TV)/ The Girl Next Door/ Morning Sun/ Lucas Belvaux’s The Trilogy: An Amazing Couple (France, 2002)

CULTURE DOGS #109 (Sunday, 04/18/04)
Connie and Carla/ Kill Bill: Vol. 2/ Samurai Fiction

CULTURE DOGS #110 (Sunday, 04/25/04)
Trinity Cinestudio/ (Part of Movie News: Lucas Belvaux’s The Trilogy: After the Life (France, 2002))

CULTURE DOGS #111(Sunday, 05/02/04)
Envy/ Godsend/ Kitchen Stories/ The Burning Wall

CULTURE DOGS #112 (Sunday, 05/09/04)
Van Helsing/ Le Papillon (The Butterfly)/ Touch of Evil

CULTURE DOGS #113 (Sunday, 05/16/04)
Shrek 2/ Troy/ Blind Shaft/ Supersize Me/ Osama

CULTURE DOGS #114 (Sunday, 05/23/04)
“Ten to Watch”/ Shaolin Soccer (IT FINALLY ARRIVES!!)

CULTURE DOGS #115 (Sunday, 05/30/04)
The Day After Tomorrow/ Soul Plane/ Mean Girls/ James’ Journey to Jerusalem/
Touching the Void/ Prey for Rock and Roll

CULTURE DOGS #115b (Saturday, 06/05/04)
“Ten to Watch” (Pre W.H. fireworks special- ½ hour)

CULTURE DOGS #116 (Sunday, 06/06/04)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban/ James Hanley of Trinity Cinestudio

CULTURE DOGS #117 (Sunday, 06/13/04)
The Chronicles of Riddick/ The Stepford Wives (2004)/ Strayed/ Monty Python’s Life of Brian/ Monty Python and the Holy Grail/ Secret Things/ Baadasssss!/ The Mayor of the Sunset Strip

CULTURE DOGS #118 (Sunday, 06/20/04)
Deb Gaudet (Wadsworth Atheneum)

CULTURE DOGS #119 (Sunday, 06/27/04)
Technical difficulties theater

CULTURE DOGS #120 (Sunday, 07/04/04)
The Culture Wage Halftime show

CULTURE DOGS #121(Sunday, 07/11/04)
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy/ The Barbarian Invasions/ The Agronomists/ Connecticon 2004 preview with Matt Nagle

CULTURE DOGS #122 (Sunday, 07/18/04)
I, Robot/ Book: The Crow: The Story behind the Film (2000)/ Connecticon 2004 wrap-up/
De-Lovely/ Broken Wings/ Control Room

CULTURE DOGS #123 (Sunday, 07/25/04)
The Bourne Supremacy/ Catwoman/ Seducing Dr. Lewis

CULTURE DOGS # 124 (Sunday, 8/1/04)
The Village / Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle / The Manchurian Candidate (both)/ Godzilla (1954) / My Mother Likes Women / Metallica – Some Kind of Monster

CULTURE DOGS # 125 (Sunday, 8/8/04)
Collateral / Bon Voyage / September and October releases preview

CULTURE DOGS # 126 (Sunday, 8/15/04)
Interview with Mark Gordon, director of Her Majesty / Garden State / The Hunting of the President

CULTURE DOGS # 127 (Sunday, 8/22/04)
To be updated

CULTURE DOGS # 128 (Sunday, 8/29/04)
Interview with Tom Nazziola of the BQE Project, discussing his live accompanying score to the Universal monster classic Frankenstein / Hero

CULTURE DOGS # 129 (Sunday, 9/5/04)
Interview with Andrew Overtoom regarding his work on Spongebob Squarepants and his directorial debut, My Life With Morrissey / Anacondas

CULTURE DOGS # 130 (Sunday, 9/12/04)
Interview with Robin Andriola of Film Fest New Haven / Resident Evil – The Apocalypse / Ju-on: The Grudge

CULTURE DOGS # 131 (Sunday, 9/19/04)
Shaun of the Dead / Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow / Donnie Darko (Director’s Cut) / Zatoichi (Beat Takeshi version)

CULTURE DOGS # 132 (Sunday, 9/26/04)
Interview with James Hanley regarding the new schedule at Hartford’s Trinity Cinestudio / The Brown Bunny

CULTURE DOGS # 133 (Sunday, 10/3/04)
Shark Tale / Interview with Deb Gaudet of Hartford’s Wadsworth Atheneum’s Aetna Theater

CULTURE DOGS # 134 (Sunday, 10/10/04)
Fahrenheit 9/11 / The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Taxi (2004 remake) / The Corporation / Bush’s Brain / Robot Stories

CULTURE DOGS # 135 (Sunday, 10/17/04)
Interview with filmmaker Kevin Smith / Team America: World Police

CULTURE DOGS # 136 (Sunday, 10/24/04)
Fall Fundraiser! Hideo Nakata’s Dark Water / Higuchinsky’s Uzumaki / Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Kairo / Takashi Shimizu’s American remake of The Grudge / Silver City / Scratch

CULTURE DOGS # 137 (Sunday, 10/31/04)
Interview with Shane Carruth, star and director of Primer / Ray

CULTURE DOGS # 138 (Sunday, 11/7/04)
Interview with James Hanley of Trinity’s Cinestudio / Interview with filmmaker/teacher Julie Wyman / The Incredibles / Sideways

CULTURE DOGS # 139 (Sunday, 11/14/04)
The Grudge (again) / After the Sunset / Alfie (2004) / Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason / The Polar Express / The Five Obstructions