Premiered this past week in Hartford and still playing
The Fantastic Mr. Fox (U.S./ England)
Angry farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with a sly fox (the titular Mr. Fox, voiced by George Clooney), look to get rid of their  pponent and his family of woodland creatures (voiced by Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Owen Wilson and Jarvis Cocker, among others).  Wes Anderson (Bottle Rocket, Rushmore) voices a weasel and directs this puppet animated adaptation of the book by Roald Dahl.  The voice cast also includes Jason Schwartzman and Michael Gambon.

The Messenger
An American soldier (Ben Foster) struggles with an ethical  dilemma when he becomes involved with a widow (Samantha Morton) of a fallen officer.  The cast of this first feature directorial effort from Oren Moverman (writer, Jesus’ Son) also includes Jena Malone, Woody Harrelson and Steve Buscemi.

Ninja Assassin (U.S./ Germany)
Young ninja Raizo (Rain (Korean pop star and recent Stephen Colbert nemesis)) turns his back on the orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan.  Directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and written by Matthew Sand and rewritten by J. Michael Straczynski (last year’s Changeling and TV’s Babylon 5) at the behest of the producing Wachowskis.

Old Dogs
Ben (Robin Williams) is a successful businessman whose professional and personal life is altered when an old flame re-enteres his life -- with her twins in tow. Finding himself temporarily in charge of their welfare, he enlists his best friend and colleague (John Travolta) to co-parent.  Directed by Wild Hogs director Walt Becker with a cast that also includes Kelly Preston, Seth Green, Bernie Mac, Matt Dillon, Ann-Margret, Amy Sedaris and Sab Shimono.

Adult Entertainment premieres of the week include

Premiered elsewhere in the area last week and still playing this week

Rockin’ Meera (U.S., 2006)
An upcoming hip-hop band from San Francisco makes the journey into the depths of modern Hindustan. They clash with a feisty Prince for the prized catch: Meera, a bold dusky beauty. The comic adventure unfolds in the jaws of a raging tiger, raining bullets and a deadly match of wits.

Premiering this week in Hartford
A newbie guard (Columbus Short (Cadillac Records))for an armored truck company is coerced by his veteran coworkers (including Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno and Skeet Ulrich) to steal a truck containing $42 million. But a wrinkle in their supposedly foolproof plan divides the group, leading to a potentially deadly resolution.  Director Nimrod Antal (Vacancy) offers up his second English-language picture.

Sam Cahill (Tobey Maguire) returns from being held as a prisoner-of-war in Afghanistan to find that his ex-con brother (Jake Gyllenhaal) has become the man, of sorts, of the household where Sam's wife, Grace (Natalie Portman) had been living under the assumption that she was a widow.  Kite Runner screenwriter David Benioff handles this adaptation of the original Danish film Brodre (by Susanne Bier (After the Wedding), which starred Connie Nielsen).  This version was directed by Jim Sheridan (In America).

Everybody's Fine
A widower (Robert De Niro) takes an impromptu road trip in order to reconnect with his grown children (including Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell), only to discover that his family members are living far from perfect lives.  A remake of the 1990 Italian film Stanno tutti bene  from director Kirk Jones (Waking Ned Devine, Nanny MCPhee).

A horror comedy that follows a group of college kids who travel to Transylvania for a semester at Razvan University, which isn't as picturesque (or safe) as it appeared on its brochure.  Technically, this is a second sequel to National Lampoon presents Dorm Daze.  The cast of the up-until-now direct-to-video series returns (including Patrick Cavanaugh, James DeBello and Tony Denman), as do the co-directors of the previous films David and Scott Hillenbrand.

Premiering this week at Real Art Ways in Hartford (3.3m)
Playing Friday December 4 thru Sunday, December 6 and Tuesday December 8 thru Thursday December 10
The Yes Men Fix the World (France/ England/ U.S.)
Troublemaking duo Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, posing as their industrious alter-egos, expose the people profiting from Hurricane Katrina, the faces behind the environmental disaster in Bhopal, and other shocking events.
Rockstone and Bootheel West Indian Film Series
Sunday December 6
Three Short Films
Racing Definitions (short)
Catch a Fire (short)
Dominoes and Bingo (England short)
Directed by Rachel Wang.
Three films that tackle history, race, and community in Caribbean culture.
A discussion will be held afterward.
Based on material from Real Art Ways’ website, Internet Movie Database and others

Premiering this week on the campus of Trinity College in Hartford (3.78m)
Latin American & Iberian Film Festival in the Life Sciences Auditorium in the Albert C. Jacobs Life Sciences Center
Wednesday December 2
Leonera (Lion's Den) (Argentina/ South Korea/ Brazil, 2008)
Pablo Trapero's Argentinian drama is about a woman convicted of murder and struggling to raise her son.
Trinity Professor Anne Lambright will speak after.
Free Admission to this screening.
This event will be held in the LIFE SCIENCES AUDITORIUM at the ALBERT C. JACOBS LIFE SCIENCES CENTER on the Southeast end of the campus of TRINITY COLLEGE at 300 Summit Street in Hartford.
Premiering this week at Trinity Cinestudio
Sunday December 6 and Tuesday December 8
Katyn (Poland, 2007)
Polish director Andrzej Wajda (Ashes and Diamonds, Man of Iron, Danton), now 82, returns with a drama about a seminal event during World War II that took the life of his own father. This is the story long covered up in Communist Poland, of over 20,000 officers and intellectuals killed by the Soviet Army - an act then blamed on the equally murderous Nazis.
Visit for more information.

Premiering this week in the area
Playing Thursday December 3 and Thursday December 10 in Manchester and Branford CT and Hadley and West Springfield MA
            Glenn Beck’s The Christmas Sweater: A Return to Redemption Live
Before a live audience, Glenn will tell you about the events that inspired him to write The Christmas Sweater, and he’ll share stories of the overwhelming response he received about how the tale’s message of redemption literally changed people’s lives, bringing many back from the brink of collapse and restoring family relationships. Then, Glenn will show a re-mastered and exclusive version of The Christmas Sweater taped live during his 2008 cross-country tour. Afterward, Glenn will introduce you to some of the people who were touched by the story and you’ll experience their intimate journey of transformation through the simple gift of redemption.  Then Glenn Beck will share with the audiences the time when he lived among the Smurfs, took Smurfette as a wife and James Cameron cheesed him off,
The December 10 show will be a rebroadcast of his December 10 show.

            Premiering Friday December 4 (aka the 12/4 project)
                        Paa (India)
Auro (Amitabh Bachchan) is an intelligent, witty 13 year old boy with an extremely rare genetic defect that causes accelerated ageing. He suffers from a Progeria like syndrome. Mentally he in 13, very normal, but physically he looks 5 times older. In spite of his condition, Auro is a very happy boy, and lives with his mother Vidya, (Vidya Balan), who is a gynecologist.  Auro's father, Amol Atre (Abhishek Bachchan) is a young, progressive politician.  Directed by R. Balki (Cheeni Kum).
Global Lens Film Screening at Mattatuck Museum Arts & History Center in Waterbury (30.0m)
            Sunday December 6
                        Those Three (Iran, 2007)
A day from completing their military training, three conscripts  abandon a dismal army life and head off for freedom through the frozen wilderness of Northern Iran.  Directed by Naghi Nemati.
Join the Museum for screenings of Global Lens 2009, a series of award-winning films from around the world. Experience, explore, discover, and change the way you see the world. 
The Global Film Initiative supports cinematography in developing-worlds whose filmmaking has suffered from shifting economic conditions and as a result has not reached US audiences.
These films are designed for an adult audience.
This event will be held at the MATTATUCK MUSEUM ARTS & HISTORY CENTER at 144 West Main Street in Waterbury.  For general information, call (203) 753-0381 or visit

Screenings on the campus of Yale University in New Haven
            Screening and Community Forum on Health Equity at the Cooperative Arts   High School (42.8m)
            Monday November 30
                        3,000 Miles
                                    A documentary about creating a healthy New Haven.
Followed by a forum faciliated by Keith Kountz, anchor, WTNH News Channel   8, and featuring speaker Dr. Eric Whitaker of the University of Chicago.
Sponsored by Yale’s School of Public Health, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation and Yale’s Community Alliance for Research and Engagement.
Admission is free and open to the public, but you must register in advance.
This event will be held at the COOPERATIVE ARTS HIGH SCHOOL at 177 College Street on the campus of YALE UNIVERSITY in New Haven.
Screening in the Auditorium at Luce Hall (41.3m)
            Tuesday December 1
                        End of the Rainbow (France/ Australia, 2007)
                                    Directed by Robert Nugent.
Sponsored by Yale University’s Council on African Studies
This screening is open to the general public with free admission.
Sponsored by Yale’s Council on Middle East Studies, and the MacMillan Center at Yale
This screening will be held in the auditorium at HENRY R. LUCE HALL at 34 Hillhouse Avenue on the YALE UNIVERSITY campus in New Haven.
            Screening and panel discussion in Burke Auditorium in Kroon Hall (41.9m)
            Thursday December 3
                        Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining
Peter Crane, dean, Forestry and Environmental Studies, will give introductions
Panel discussion will include Chad Stevens, multimedia producer, MediaStorm; Ben Stout III, Wheeling Jesuit University; Rob Perks, director, Center for Advocacy Campaigns; Maria Gunnoe, organizer, Ohio Valley Environmental Center; and Roger Cohn, senior editor, YaleEnvironment 360. A reception will follow.
This screening is open to the general public with free admission.
Sponsored by YaleEnvironment 360
This event will be held in BURKE AUDITORIUM in KROON HALL at 195 Prospect Street on the campus of YALE UNIVERSITY in New Haven.
For general information, visit the YALE UNIVERSITY website at

Screening at the Academy of Music Theatre in Northampton, Massachusetts (45.8m)
            Thursday December 3
                        Black Light
                                    Nikki Blue (Bella Vendetta) is a dancer at a strip club hidden along a back road in rural New England. Further down the road, Alice (Jessica Conger), a burnt-out, neurotic college grad with no particular ambitions, spends her days working at a roadside fossil and rock shop. When Nikki and Alice meet, a friendship begins that could change their lives forever. Shot entirely in Western MA.
This screening will be held at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC THEATRE at 274 Main Street in Northampton, Massachusetts.  For general information, call (413) 584-9032 or visit

Now showing at the Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation 3D Science Theater at the Connecticut Science Center in downtown Hartford (3.1m)
3D Sun (2007 short)
Stand above the Arctic Circle and witness the most brilliant auroras on Earth. Ride a solar blast from the Sun's surface to Earth's Magnetosphere. Witness the most powerful explosions in the solar system - equal to a billion megaton nuclear bombs. And find out how these forces cripple space vehicles, disable power grids, disrupt electronic equipment, create geomagnetic storms and influence our weather patterns.
Playing thru Friday December 18
Dinosaurs Alive! (2007 short)
From the exotic sand dunes of Mongolia's Gobi Desert, to the dramatic sandstone buttes of New Mexico, this amazing odyssey, narrated by Michael Douglas, follows the world's foremost paleontologists as they explore history's greatest dinosaur finds. Then watch as these creatures are reincarnated on our giant screen in breathtaking 3D animation, bringing you closer to them than you ever thought possible.
With stadium seating, 30'x40' giant screen with 18,000-watt Dolby® sound system and 3D.
The MAXIMILIAN E. AND MARION O. HOFFMAN FOUNDATION 3D SCIENCE THEATER at the CONNECTICUT SCIENCE CENTER is at 250 Columbus Boulevard in downtown Hartford.  For more information, call (860) SCIENCE (724-3623) or visit

Also at Real Art Ways in Hartford this week (3.3m)
            Matinee Movie
            Monday November 30
                        Wild Strawberries (Sweden, 1957)
After living a life marked by coldness, an aging professor is forced to confront the emptiness of his existence in this Ingmar Bergman classic.
            Playing thru Thursday December 3
An inside look at the $27 billion case that came to be known as the "Amazon Chernobyl", Joe Berlinger’s (Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) film is a real-life high stakes legal drama set against a backdrop of the environmental movement, global politics, celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, the media, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures.
            Running in their Gallery thru Sunday March 14, 2010
Rockstone & Bootheel
This exhibition's name, which comes from a Jamaican dub-metal song ("Rockstone and Bootheel" by Ginny), is a colloquial phrase that means "taking a journey." Rockstone and Bootheel is, in fact, an exhibition composed of many journeys, sometimes conflicting, all influenced by the social, political, and economic conditions of life in the West Indies and the diaspora. "West Indies" refers to a group of islands in the Caribbean formerly under British control.
Curated by Kristina Newman-Scott and Yona Backer, who have selected work by new artists from the Anglophone Caribbean and diaspora for this exhibition.
The exhibition features work from 39 participating artists including over a dozen video installations throughout the gallery, including work from Zak Ové and Heino Schmid.  Another featured artist is Renee Cox (with photos from her series “The Discreet Charm of the Bougies”).
REAL ART WAYS is a local non-profit cinema house, performance and art space.
Also this week: Zak Ove shows in their Real Room; Monday night is their Real Board Game Night; and on Saturday another in their live storytelling series, Wince (This edition is titled Everything’s Relative).  Call (860) 232-1006 or visit for directions and showtimes. They are at 56 Arbor Street in Hartford.

This week in the Aetna Theater as part of Phoenix Art After Hours at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford (3.4m)
            Thursday December 3
The Shop around the Corner (1940)
At Christmastime, two employees at a gift shop can barely stand one another, without realizing that they’re falling in love through the mail as each other’s anonymous pen pal.  Directed by Ernst Lubitsch.  Starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan.  Remade by Nora Ephron in 1998 as You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.
These screenings will be held in the Aetna Theater.
Enter at the Avery Door on Atheneum Square North.
Call (860) 838-4142 for tickets and information
WADSWORTH ATHENEUM is a historic museum that is open Tuesdays thru Sundays and often screens films in their Aetna Theater.
Also this week at the Atheneum
Tinsel Town on Thursday (as part of Phoenix Art after Hours), with vocal music from the Glamour Girls and the Sweetest Key
            a Friday Gallery Talk;
            a Toast to Traditions Cocktail Party on Friday
The 36th Annual Festival of Trees and Traditions opens on Saturday, to run thru Sunday December 13
Candy Lane hands-on craft activities celebrating global holiday traditions, face painting and visits from Santa for children of all ages daily;
Family Gallery Times with docent guided tours and activities where children can make their own holiday art on Saturdays and Sundays;
Balloon artist Bella the Clown performs on Saturdays & Sundays;
Reading and Tyrannoclaus book signing by author Janet Lawler on Saturday
Admission free for children 12 and under on Saturday who bring a new, unwrapped toy to be donated to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots initiative.
Also now showing at the Atheneum
The MATRIX Effect showing thru Sunday January 3, 2010;
Rembrandt's People showing thru Sunday January 24, 2010;
The Allure of Lace showing thru Sunday, February 28, 2010;
Digging Deeper showing thru Sunday, April 4, 2010
They’re at 600 Main Street in Hartford.  For general information, call (860) 278-2670 or visit

Also this week on the campus of Trinity College in Hartford
Also this week at Trinity Cinestudio (3.78m)
            Monday November 30 thru Tuesday December 1
Metropolis (Germany, 1927)
In the far-off year 2000, the wealthy ruling class lives in towering luxury skyscrapers, while slave laborers monotonously toil away far below ground level. After a worker uprising and an underground flood, the despotic ruler Fredersen agrees to treat the workers with equanimity and compassion.  Gee!  Director Fritz Lang got everything right except the worker uprising.  Fppt!  Good job, Fritz!  Now, restored in Germany with state-of-the-art digital technology, under the supervision of the Murnau Foundation, and with the original 1927 orchestral score by Gottfried Huppertz added.
            Wednesday December 2 thru Saturday December 5
The Informant!
With the help of a mustache and an extra 30 pounds, Matt Damon gives an award-worthy comic performance as Mark Whitacre, the vice president of Archer Daniels Midland, who called the FBI back in the ’90s to report on his company’s illegal price-fixing in the global market. It’s when the eager Feds (including Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Enterprise, American Beauty) and Joel McHale (The Soup)) show up in Decatur to ask the increasingly bizarre Whitacre to wear a wire that this true story takes a turn very different from Steven Soderbergh’s last film on corporate corruption, Erin Brockovich. But while it’s harder to separate the good guys from the villains, the trashing of ethics in the name of cash remains the same.  Written by by Scott Z. Burns, based on the non-fiction book by Kurt Eichenwald.
TRINITY CINESTUDIO is a local non-profit cinema house, and is located off the quad in the center of the campus of TRINITY COLLEGE at 300 Summit Street in Hartford.  Phone (860) 297-2463 or visit for directions and showtimes.
Screening in the Women & Gender Resource Action Center Lounge
Tuesday December 1
3 Needles (Canada, 2005)
A three-paneled look at the AIDS pandemic: in Montreal, porn actor Denys (Shawn Ashmore) schemes to pass his mandatory blood test; a young nun (Chloe Sevigny) makes a personal sacrifice for the benefit of a South African village; in rural China, a black market operative (Lucy Liu) posing as a goverment-sanctioned blood drawer jeopardizes an entire village’s safety.  Directed by Thom Fitzgerald with a cast that includes Sandra Oh and Olympia Dukakis.
Free Admission to All
For further information on this screening, call Lauren Donais, Assistant to the Director of the WGRAC at (860) 297-4131.
This screening will be held in the WOMEN & GENDER RESOURCE ACTION CENTER LOUNGE on the 2nd Floor, behind Washington Room, at MATHER HALL on the campus of TRINITY COLLEGE at 300 Summit Street in Hartford.
Tracking the Wall: Cinematic Encounters with Borders, Politics and Identity Event at iHouse (5.0m)
Thursday December 3
This film and discussion series is intended to shed light on the histories and representations of border walls around the world, in this year of the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. Along which cultural, political, ideological, and economic faultlines were these walls erected? What is their impact on the lives of individuals and communities? How are walls depicted in film, and to what extent do these cinematic representations reveal or conceal the invisible walls behind the visible ones?
The Wall (Die Mauer) (Germany, 1990)
Jürgen Böttcher`s documentary "The Wall" gives a multi-facetted picture of this symbolic construction of the Cold War at the very moment of its dismemberment. The celebrated events of 1989 and 1990 are witnessed at important original locations in the center of Berlin. In addition the director combines historic documentary material with fascinating film projection techniques to bring to life German history of the 20th century.
Post-screening discussion led by: Prof. Peter Rosenbaum
Sponsored by Trinity College’s Faculty-in-Residence Program and Trinity College’s Department of Language and Culture Studies (German)
Free Admission to All
For more information, call Trinity Visiting Lecturer Peter Rosenbaum at (860) 297-2521
This screening will be held at I HOUSE at 104-106 Vernon Street on the campus of TRINITY COLLEGE in Hartford.
Visit for more information.

Films of Kirk Douglas: Monday Night Movie Series at the Noah Webster Branch Library of the West Hartford Public Libraries (3.78m)
Monday November 30
            Seven Days in May (1964)
                        “Military aide Kirk Douglas stumbles across a plot by his boss (Burt Lancaster) to overthrow the U.S. president (Fredric March), who has just negotiated a controversial peace treaty. Douglas' dilemma:  Follow orders and remain silent, or betray his boss.  Director John Frankenheimer demonstrates the same mastery that made The Manchurian Candidate a classic, and Lancaster gives an effective performance in an unsympathetic role.”
These events will be held in the Library Meeting Room at the NOAH WEBSTER BRANCH LIBRARY of the WEST HARTFORD LIBRARIES at 20 South Main Street in the Blue Back Square section of West Hartford Center in West Hartford.  For general information, call (860) 561-6950 or visit for more information.

International Film Series at the Prosser Public Library branch of Bloomfield’s Public Libraries (7.6m)
Thursday December 4
            Film TBA
This event will be held at the PROSSER PUBLIC LIBRARY at 1 Tunxis Avenue in Bloomfield.  For general information, call (860) 243-9721 or visit

Events at the Main Library Branch of the New Britain Public Library (12.2m)
            Terrific Tots storytime for ages 2 ½ to 3 ½
            Monday November 30
Parents or caregivers may also attend.  Activities include stories, a simple craft or short movie and time to play with library toys at the end of the program.
            Super Kids storytime for ages 3 to 5
            Wednesday December 2
            Stories, fingerplays, songs and a craft or short film.
            Family Story Hour
            Thursday December 3
            First Friday Film
            Friday December 4
            Classic Comedy Film
            Saturday December 5
These events will be held at the MAIN LIBRARY BRANCH of the NEW BRITAIN PUBLIC LIBRARY at 20 High Street in New Britain.  For more information, call (860) 224-3155.
            Family Movie Times at the Jefferson Branch (10.8m)
            Thursday December 3
Family friendly movie for all ages.
This screening will be held at the JEFFERSON BRANCH of the NEW BRITAIN PUBLIC LIBRARY at 140 Horseplain Road in New Britain. For more information, call (860) 225-4700.
For general information on the NEW BRITAIN PUBLIC LIBRARY, visit

Events at the Farmington Library (12.6m)
Playing Monday November 30
            December Boys (Australia, 2007)
            The Grinch before Christmas (1966 short)
Classic Films – Afternoon at the Bijou
Thursday December 3
            Love Crazy (1941)
                        Steve and Susan Ireland are about to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary by re-enacting their first date.
These events will be held at THE FARMINGTON LIBRARY at 6 Monteith Drive in Farmington.  For general information, you can call (860) 673-6791 or visit

Short Films at Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill (13.2m)
Saturday December 5 thru Sunday December 6
                        Dinosaur (short)
                        Step into the Early Jurassic (2006 short)
The film, both informative and entertaining, includes beautiful footage of the Connecticut Valley, excerpts of the original track discovery, and exceptional animations which explain the formation of tracks, movement of the continents, and how  rock layers are formed.  Produced by Mintz & Hoke of Avon for Dinosaur State Park.  Michael Soares, park staff naturalist, wrote the script and worked closely with the production.
                        Bill Nye the Science Guy: Fossils (1997 short)
Films are presented in the park's auditorium through funding from the Friends of Dinosaur Park and Arboretum, Inc.
These films will be shown at DINOSAUR STATE PARK at 400 West Street in Rocky Hill.  For general information, call (860) 529-8423 or visit

Events at the Cromwell Belden Public Library (17.5m)
            Travel Videos in the Arch Room
            Wednesday December 2
                        New Hampshire
            Preschool Storytime for ages 3-5 in the Bean Bag Room
            Friday December 4
These events will be held at THE CROMWELL BELDEN PUBLIC LIBRARY at 39 West Street in Cromwell. For more information, call (860) 632-3460 or visit

Movies at the Kent Memorial Library in Suffield this week (19.1m)
            Wednesday December 2
                        Dr. No (1962)
This event will be held at the KENT MEMORIAL LIBRARY at 50 North Main Street in Suffield.  For general information, call (860) 668-3896 or visit

Screenings on the campus of Wesleyan University in Middletown
Elia Kazan Centennial at Wesleyan University’s Center for Film Studies (20.6m)
            Thursday December 3
            The Last Tycoon (1976)
With an introduction by Marc Longenecker, Programming and Technical Director, Wesleyan Center for Film Studies.
Sponsored by the CT Commission on Culture and Tourism, the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, the Middletown Downtown Business District, and Center for Film Studies
For more information: Joyce Heidorn at (860) 685-2220 or David Laub at (860) 685-2125
Admission is free.
For more on this event, visit
This event will be held in the GOLDSMITH FAMILY CINEMA Room 100 at the WESLEYAN CENTER FOR FILM 301 Washington Terrace on the campus of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY in Middletown.

Screening at the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty (20.5m)
            Monday December 7
                        They Were Expendable (1945)
                                    Directed by John Ford with John Wayne, Robert Montgomery and Ward Bond.
This screening will be held in the Butterfield Room at the WASCH CENTER FOR RETIRED FACULTY at 51 Lawn Avenue on the campus of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY in Middletown.
For more on all events on the WESLEYAN campus, visit

Movie Matinee at the Terryville Public Library (20.8m)
            Saturday December 5
This event will be held in the Multi-purpose Room at the TERRYVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY at 238 Main Street in Terryville.  For general information, call (860) 582-3121 or visit

Screenings at the Warner Theatre in Torrington (24.2m)
            Ballet in Cinema Series
Tuesday December 1 and Sunday December 6
Ballet in Cinema: Marinsky Theatre – Swan Lake (2006)
Swan Lake, often regarded as the quintessential ballet, is the most widely performed ballet in the world. The Mariinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg, responsible for turning Swan Lake into a lasting piece of artistry since 1895, now brings this revival to the stage with star ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina in the coveted duel role of Odette-Odile.
Holiday Movies 2009
Friday December 4
Scrooged (1988)
Directed by Richard Donner.  Comedian Bill Murray stars as a stingy, uncaring television executive who finds himself in for some high-spirited hijinx when three ghostly visitors appear to teach him the true meaning of Christmas.  David Johansen plays the spirit of Christmas past as a taxi driver; Carol Kane plays the spirit of Christmas present;  Bobcat Goldthwait plays an unfortunate victim of a layoff;  Karen Allen plays the girl who got away;  Also appearing in the film are Robert Mitchum, Alfre Woodard, Mabel King, Jamie Farr, Robert Goulet, Buddy Hackett, John Houseman, Lee Majors, Brian Doyle-Murray, Mary Lou Retton, Wendie Malick, Miles Davis, Larry Carlton, David Sanborn and Paul Shaffer
Holiday Movies 2009
Saturday December 5
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Directed by Frank Capra.  George Bailey (James Stewart) has spent his life serving his community, often at the cost of his own happiness. One Christmas Eve, faced with bankruptcy and jail, George is reduced to despair and contemplates suicide. So, Heaven sends his guardian angel to show George how dismal life in his hometown would have been if he had never been born. His many friends (Donna Reed, Thomas Mitchell, Henry Travers, Beulah Bondi, Gloria Grahame, Ward Bond, Frank Faylen) lend him a hand and Mr. Potter is pretty darn evil (Lionel Barrymore) in this holiday favorite.
These events will be held at the WARNER THEATRE at 68 Main Street in Torrington.  For more information from the theatre, phone 860.489.7180 or visit

Movie at the Cheshire Public Library (27.4m)
            Tuesday December 1
                        I Remember Mama (1948)
This event will be held in the Mary Baldwin Room at the CHESHIRE PUBLIC LIBRARY at 104 Main Street in Cheshire.  For general information, call (203) 272-2245 or visit

Screenings and film related events on the campuses of the University of Connecticut
            Documentary Film Screening in the Multi-Purpose Room on the Waterbury    Campus (32.4m)
            Tuesday December 1
                        Farmingville (2004)
                                    The shocking hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers catapult a small  Long Island town into national headlines, unmasking a new front line in the border wars: suburbia. For nearly a year, Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini lived and worked in Farmingville, New York, so they could capture first-hand the stories of residents, day laborers and activists on all sides of the debate. This timely and powerful film is more than a story about illegal immigration. Ultimately it challenges viewers to ask what the 'American dream' really means.
Discussion follows.
Presented by L.A.S.O. (the Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Project) and Dr. Glasser’s History of Latinos Class.
This screening will be held in the MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM on the campus of the UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT at 99 East Main Street in Waterbury.  For more information, call (203) 236-9800 or visit
            Screenings and film related events the Storrs campus
Screenings at the Student Union (29.5m)
Rainbow Center Movie Series in Room 403

Saturday December 5
            Prayers for Bobby
                        Mary raises her children in conservative Christian teachings. Her son Bobby carries the secret he is gay and life changes for their family when Mary learns this secret. Mary believes God can cure Bobby of his “sin” and persuades Bobby to pray and seek solace in the church. His subsequent depression and self-loathing result in tragedy. Mary begins an emotional journey that results in her receiving support from unlikely sources.
Admission is free and open to the public.
SUBOG Screenings in the Student Union Theatre
First Run Film
Thursday December 3, Saturday December 5 and Sunday December 6
                        Inglorious Basterds (U.S./ Germany)
Friday Night Flicks
Friday December 4
For further information regarding this event, please contact Melissa Arroyo at (860) 486-3904 or visit
Careful!  Could be for Students Only!
For more on these events, visit
These events will be held in the STUDENT UNION which is located at 2110 Hillside Road on the campus of the UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT AT STORRS.  For more on this facility, call (860) 486-3422 or visit
Screenings at the William Benton Museum of Art (27.9m)
            Saturday December 5
                        Turtles Can Fly (Lakposhtha Parvaz Mikonand) (Iran/ France/ Iraq, 2004)
            Sunday December 6
                        The Kite Runner (2007)
This screening will be held at the WILLIAM BENTON MUSEUM OF ART which is located at 245 Glenbrook Road on the campus of the UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT at Storrs.  For more information, call (860) 486-4520 or visit
You can also visit the UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT’s website at

Screening in Hooker Auditorium in Clapp Laboratory on the campus of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts (39.5m)
Tuesday December 1
            An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
Careful! Could be for students only!
This screening will be held at HOOKER AUDITORIUM in CLAPP LABORATORY on Gateway Road across from the Art Building on the campus of MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE in South Hadley, Massachusetts.
For general information about MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE at 50 College Street in South Hadley, Massachusetts, call (413) 538-2000 or visit

Screenings at branches of the New Haven Free Public Libraries
Senior Movie at the Fair Haven Branch Library (40.5 m)
Wednesday December 2
This screening will be held at the FAIR HAVEN BRANCH of the NEW HAVEN FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY at 182 Grand Avenue in New Haven.  For general information, call (203) 946- 8115.
Anime & Manga for teens at the Wilson Branch Library (42.9m)
Thursday December 4
This screening will be held at the WILSON BRANCH LIBRARY of the NEW HAVEN FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY at 303 Washington Avenue in New Haven.  For general information, call (203) 946-2228 or visit

Exhibit at Artspace New Haven (41.6m)
William Lamson: Time is Like the East River
Running thru Saturday December 19
Including video installations Time Is Like the East River, Play/ Pause, Long Shot and Drip (So are the Days of Our Lives) (shorts).
This exhibit will be shown at ARTSPACE NEW HAVEN at 50 Orange Street at the corner of Orange & Crown in New Haven.  For general information, call (203) 772-2709 or visit

Film in Room 102 of Linsly Chittenden Hall on the campus of Yale University in New Haven (42.9m)
            Monday November 30
            La Batalla de Chile (The Battle of Chile)
                        This could be one or more of three films in the series (1975-1979) directed
                        by Patricio Guzman.
Sponsored by Yale’s Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies
Admission is free and open to the general public.
This screening will be held in Room 102 of LINSLY-CHITTENDEN HALL at 63 High Street on the campus of YALE UNIVERSITY in New Haven.
For general information, visit the YALE UNIVERSITY website at

Teen Movie Event at the Otis Library in Norwich (43m)
            Monday December 30
                        G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
This screening will be held at the OTIS LIBRARY at 261 Main Street in Norwich. For general information, call (860) 889-2365 or visit

Also this week at Pleasant Street Theater in Northampton, Massachusetts (45.3m)
            Playing thru at least Thursday December 3
                        The Maid (La Nana) (Chile/ Mexico)
                        A Serious Man (U.S./ England/ France)
The Yes Men Save the World (France/ England/ U.S.)
The PLEASANT STREET THEATER is located at 27 Pleasant Street in Northampton, Massachusetts.  For more information, call (413) 584-5848 or visit

Exhibit film at the Smith College Museum of Art on the campus of Smith College in Northampton Massachusetts (45.9m)
            Running thru Thursday December 31
William Kentridge: What Will Come
This installation features:
What Will Come (South Africa, 2006 short)
This event will be shown at the SMITH COLLEGE MUSEUM OF ART on the campus of SMITH COLLEGE which is located between the intersections of Routes 9 and 66, and the intersections of College Lane and Green Street in Northampton, Massachusetts.  For more on the museum, visit
For more information on SMITH COLLEGE, call (413) 584-2700 or visit

Manga/ Anime Club for Children at the Forbes Library in Northampton, Massachusetts (46.1m)
            Monday November 30
This event will be held in the Children’s Room at the FORBES LIBRARY at 20 West Street in Northampton, Massachusetts. For general information, call (413) 587-1011 or visit

Vegan/ Vegetarian Lifestyle screening at New Milford Public Library (55.5m)
            Wednesday December 2
                        Food Inc. (2008)

New Milford Public Library and the Northwest Connecticut Vegan Outreach presents a Q&A session on the Vegan/ Vegetarian Lifestyle and a screening of the documentary film from Eric Schlosser.
This event will be held at the NEW MILFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY at 24 Main Street in New Milford. For general information, call (860) 355-1191 or visit

This week at the Edmond Town Hall Theater in Newtown
            Playing thru Sunday, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (England/ U.S.)
For more information, visit and look for “What’s Playing at Edmond Town Hall Theater”

Playing at the IMAX Theater at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
Deep Sea (2006 short)
Swim with some of the planet’s most unique, dangerous and colorful creatures, from the unusual wolf eel to the giant Pacific octopus, in this undersea exploration narrated by actors Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.  “Deep Sea” brings audiences face-to-face with these underwater inhabitants to witness their peculiar and amazing behaviors. Thrill to 6-foot long Humboldt squid, frogfish, basket stars, manta rays, jellyfish, ocean sunfish, a variety of prowling sharks and more.  Directed by underwater cinematographer Howard Hall and featuring an original score by Danny Elfman.
            Playing thru Sunday January 3, 2010
                        The Light before Christmas (2007 short)
The Candleman teaches Katie and Makean that Christmas is more than just presents.
Also now playing:
            Where the Wild Things Are
Also there:
Dolphins: The Ride
THE IMAX THEATER AT THE MARITIME AQUARIUM AT NORWALK shows IMAX features daily. Call (203) 852-0700 or visit for directions and showtimes for all their features. They are at 10 North Water Street in Norwalk.

Screening at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts
            Wednesday,               The Adventures of Prince Achmed
For more information, visit

Playing this week at Amherst Cinema in Amherst, Massachusetts
            Playing thru at least Thursday,                   M. Hulot’s Holiday
Visit for more information

Playing this week at Avon Theatre Film Center in Stamford,
            Now playing,              The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
            Wednesday,               Critics Choice: The Dead England/ Ireland/ U.S., 1987)
Thursday,                  Cult Classic: Full Metal Jacket (England/ U.S., 1985)
For more information, visit

Playing this week at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield
            Wednesday,               The Calling
For more information, visit

Playing this week at Westport Country Playhouse
            Friday,                                    A Christmas Story (U.S./ Canada, 1983)
            Saturday,                               White Christmas (1954) sing-a-long
            Sunday,                                  Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
For more information, visit

Movies playing in special shows this week (check your local commercial theatre)
Playing Monday in Enfield, Manchester and Southington, CT and Springfield and West Springfield, MA                          The Great Rupert (1950)
Playing Monday in downtown Hartford,   The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday in New Haven,
                                                                        A Christmas Story (1983)
Saturday in Manchester, CT and West Springfield, MA
                                                                        White Christmas (1954)
Saturday in South Hadley, MA                   The Rocky Horror Picture Show
(U.S./ England, 1975) with live performance by the Come Again Players
Saturday and Sunday in Hartford,            

THE LIST of things to see still in our listening area and otherwise not mentioned
Sam and Kevin recommend:

Kevin recommends:
                                    A Serious Man
                                    Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
Sam recommends: seeing a doctor for that

Outside of Hartford
Sam and Kevin recommend:
                                    Paranormal Activity
                                    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
                                    This Is It
Kevin recommends:
                                    Where the Wild Things Are
                                    Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Sam recommends:
                                    Law Abiding Citizen
Coming soon

Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones (12/11/2009)
James Cameron’s Avatar (12/18/2009)
Rob Marshall’s Nine ?!?!... wait a minute... (12/25/2009)
Robert Downey Jr. stars as Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes (12/25/2009)
Miguel Arteta (The Good Girl) returns with Youth in Revolt (01/08/2010)
The Hughes Brothers return with The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington (01/15/2010)
Benicio Del Toro plays The Wolf Man (02/12/2010)
Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island(02/19/2010)
Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (03/05/2010)
Matthew Vaughan’s Kick-Ass (04/16/2010)
Iron Man 2 (05/07/2010)