It's everyone's favorite time of year - no, not Weasel Stomping Day - I'm talking the freakin' Oscars here! Tiny gold statues will go to scores of undeserving hacks while legitimate artists stew in the acrid stench of their unrecognized genius. Or something like that...

Just to make things more fun, we're making our Oscar winner predictions availabe for your perusal and amusement before the event itself. Print them out and go head to head with us using your own picks if you will. Just don't cry too much when you lose. Oh, and no gambling.

Post-Oscar edit: Picks highlighted in red are winning selections. For those too bored or lazy to tally up the hits, Sam predicted 14 correct and Kevin nabbed 9.




Actor (Leading Role)

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke
Actor (Supporting Role)

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger
Actress (Leading Role)

Kate Winslet

Anne Hathaway
Actress (Supporting Role) Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz
Best Animated Feature Film


Art Direction

The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
Costume Design Benjamin Button Australia


Danny Boyle Danny Boyle
Best Documentary Feature Man on Wire Trouble the Water
Best Documentary Short The Final Inch The Conscience of Nhem En
Editing Slumdog Millionaire Benjamin Button
Best Foreign Language Film Waltz With Bashir Waltz With Bashir
Makeup Benjamin Button Benjamin Button
Original Score A.R. Rahman Alexandre Desplat
Original Song "Jai Ho" "Jai Ho"
Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire
Best Animated Short Presto Presto
Best Live Action Short Auf der Stecke (On the Line) Spielzugland (Toyland)
Sound Editing The Dark Knight The Dark Knight
Sound Mixing The Dark Knight The Dark Knight
Visual Effects Benjamin Button Iron Man
Adapted Screenplay Slumdog Millionaire Benjamin Button
Original Screenplay In Bruges In Bruges