Okay, here's the story. During a recent move, I reluctantly decided to delve into the numerous boxes of random papers that were plaguing my closet. I suddenly became very organized, like I was secretly on a TLC program, and bought a bunch of three ring binders and scores of clear plastic protective sheets in which to house my collection of 'historical documents'. One such curiosity buried in the bottom of an old Xerox paper box was a manila school folder that I had apparently found more use for as a sketchbook/notepad than as an organizer for homework. Scrawled on it was a list I had compiled in what I can best determine as late in the year 1990. The list was of my favorite movies of all time! It was a delightful and potentially embarrassing snapshot of my past, so what better way to celebrate it than by posting it on the internet for the entire world to read (and potentially mock and ridicule me)!

It's hard to believe I drafted this sucker sixteen years ago, but it's fun to revisit a time when I was still in the beginning stages of developing my tastes as a film buff. It's also cool to note that many of these films I still consider all-time faves. There are a few that I haven't revisited in a while, but I have carried the bulk of them with me as I wander the lonely, dusty path of the aging cineaste. And I'm proud to say that I'm not really ashamed of any one of these choices today. I won't say that all of these films would be on a modern top twenty list, but it sure is fun to remember when they once dominated my young, film-watching world. Here goes...


20. Edward Scissorhands

19. Back To The Future II

18. Aliens

17. Star Wars

16. The Empire Strikes Back

15. Return of the Jedi

14. Evil Dead II

13. Hellraiser

12. Near Dark

10. The Lost Boys

9. Buckaroo Banzai

8. Big Trouble in Little China

7. Cherry 2000

6. Dirty Pair: Project Eden

5. Three O'Clock High

4. Legend

3. Brazil

2. Kagemusha

1. Say Anything...


And that's the end of the list. There are a ton of films that I'm surprised didn't make the cut, but I'll chalk that up to this being a product of my faulty memory alone, without the benefit of useful online list resources such as the Internet Movie Database. The fact that Blade Runner didn't make the cut implies that it clearly must have slipped my mind at the time. Likewise, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Likewise any of the James Bond films. Thanks for indulging me in my self-indulgent trek into the past. If I hadn't seen so damn many movies in the interim, I'd be tempted to make an official updated list. Maybe...