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WWUH FCC On Line Public File


Persons with disabilities who wish to access the WWUH Public File may contact John Ramsey at:

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WWUH Station History

Note: A more comprehensive station history can be found on the WWUH Radio History site with hundreds of photos!

compiled by John Ramsey, General Manager/Chief Engineer

Suggestions, corrections, and submissions are welcomed.
Contact: John Ramsey, WWUH
Fax 860-768-5701 or email:

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  Foreword: Why would anyone bother to create a written history of WWUH? Those who have volunteered at this truly unique station will understand the answer to this question. WWUH is, and hopefully always will be, more than just a station. Many of the thousands of folks who have volunteered at the station over the years know what I am talking about, and it is because of this that many consider themselves part of the “WWUH Family”.
  Over the years, I have been saving old documents for the future. I never thought of attempting to write a historical document until I was putting together the station’s photo albums in preparation for the 30th anniversary in 1998. In going through the hundreds of pages, it came as a pleasant surprise that I was able to identify a significant number of the unlabeled photographs. It then hit me that, due to my “longevity” at the station, I had “saved” in my mind, bits and pieces of the station’s history that no one else might have. It was a wonderful legacy, but one that ultimately would do no good unless I started writing down my recollections. I welcome any corrections or suggestions.