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WWUH Host Biographies

McNal Allison
Joined WWUH in 1991
Saturday All-Night Show (until 2018)

Greg Banks
Rejoined WWUH in 2008
Wednesday Synthesis--"Wilde Roots"
Music from the Americas and from around the world.
Greg takes you on a musical journey from where you live to points unknown.

Keith Barrett
Joined WWUH in 1987
Monday Classics for many years; Tuesday Classics from June 2023
"Drake's Village Brass Band"
A concentration on three aspects of classical music occupies much of Tuesday Classics: American music, music for film, and from 7-8 p.m., brass band music.

Brian Battles
Joined WWUH in 2015
The Battles Zone, Mondays 3-6 a.m.

Larry Bilansky
Joined WWUH in 1993
Friday Classics
"On The 20th Century Limited"
Being an accountant by trade, I'm expected to be a conservative traditionalist. That's why I play primarily contemporary classical music and unusual interpretations of more traditional works.

Wednesday Morning Jazz
See Bob's host page for more about him.

Paul Bourque
Joined WWUH in 1994
"What's Next??"  since 2012 (Thursday Gothic Blimp Works)
"What's Next??" Airs Thursday night/Friday mornings Midnight-3 AM on 91.3 WWUH, West Hartford, CT and at WWUH.ORG. It's anyone's guess where the musical pendulum may swing next! Borrowing from many different musical styles and genres, prepare to be kept on the edge of your seat, wondering "What's Next??" A mix of alternative rock, soul, classic rock, ambient, jazz, oldies, blues, progressive rock, electronic, B-sides, cover versions, and who knows what else!! Tune in and find out "What's Next!"  Visit "What's Next??" on Facebook

Keith Brown
Joined WWUH in 1980
"Gay Spirit"
"Sunday Afternoon at the Opera"
Producer of Gay Spirit, Western New England's longest running radio program specifically devoted to lesbian and gay issues. I have written a book about my radio history: "Annals of Gay Spirit." Host of Sunday Afternoon at the Opera for 15 years.

Jim Christensen
Joined WWUH in 2000
Monday Synthesis
"Conscious Evolution"
Acoustic flavored music including Americana, folk and bluegrass;
western and cajun to swing.

Hermann Cortes-Barrios
Joined WWUH in 2023
Monday Evening Classics

Mark DeLorenzo
Joined WWUH in 1982
"The Greatest Show From Earth"
The Voice of DeLorenzoid shares air time with The Microwave Brain (of Gary Levin) on the first Sunday of each month, as well as other talented and knowledgeable space-rock DJ's. The focus is on mid-sixties psychedelic, progressive rock and electronic music (full spectrum). Sunday night is your night to travel back in time with the night sky and your radio, let the TELTAN System staff take you on a mind bending 3 hours. Interviews, specials, live music, recordings old and new and much more. Listen to the quiet voice. Visit Teltan online at the home page for The Greatest Show From Earth and Ambience. Play lists, info, and more!

Alex Saulius Dzikas
Joined WWUH in 2008
Tevynes Garsai (Lithuanian Hour)
The Lithuanian Hour (Tevynes Garsai / Sounds of the Homeland) is hosted by Alex Saulius Dzikas. The show has been on various Hartford radio stations since 1957 and here at WWUH since 1991. After helping out his dad Alfonsas with the show from time to time for many years, Alex took over the show full-time after his dad passed away in 2008. Alfonsas had been an announcer since 1964 and director of the program since the late 1980’s. Tevynes Garsai features music, news and culture of Lithuania as well as the latest happenings from the local Lithuanian community.

Susan Forbes Hansen
Joined WWUH in 2001
"Watch This Space"
Susan Forbes Hansen joined WWUH in 2001 as fill-in host for FM on Toast and as the Folk Phone producer. She has hosted folk-music-based programs in CT and MA since 1979, and plays whatever SHE thinks works. Her preference is for smart lyrics about real issues set in well-thought-out melodies, but sometimes two-out-of-three is okay too. Her photographs have appeared on the covers and/or booklets of several recordings, and she has contributed a few articles to Sing Out! Magazine and the late Black Sheep Review.

Abe Hefter
Joined WWUH in 2018

Monday Night Jazz "Blue Monday"

Sam Hatch
Joined WWUH in 2002
"Culture Dogs"
Sam is a mystery to us here at WWUH. Although we do hear him co-host with Kevin O'Toole every Sunday at 8:00pm, we've never actually seen him...and no photo of Sam has ever been successfully developed.

Eric J. Hearst
Joined WWUH in 2022
Wednesday Evening Classics

Gilberto F. Heredia
Joined WWUH in 1995
"Super Sabado"
Our show is about the classic years of Salsa: 1960's to 1980's. I'm very happy to be on the air because this music has seen us born, mature and grow

Ron Horn
Joined WWUH in 2012
Tuesday Evening Classics until 2023
Friday Morning Jazz
"Daily Dose"

Harvey Jassem
Joined WWUH in 1981
Monday Morning Jazz
Harvey has hosted various jazz programs and co-hosted the "Streetcorner Serenade" oldies show during his long tenure at WWUH.

"Wild" Wayne Jones
Joined WWUH in 1976
"Rock 'N Roll Memory Machine"
A Sunday night tradition, with over 1,200 shows aired by the same host "Wild" Wayne and thousands of memories later, we're proud to be New England's longest running oldies radio program.

Peter Levine, AKA "Pedro"
Joined WWUH in 2018
Thursday Morning Jazz
"Jazz Straight Ahead"


Rohan Long "DJ Magnum"
Joined WWUH in 1999
"West Indian Rythms" (fill-in host)
This program offers music from Jamaica, Trinidad and other Carribean Islands. We also deal with current issues and events - both locally and abroad.   Both hosts, Rohan and Phillip Mitchell (see his listing), are University of Hartford graduates.

William Mackey
Joined WWUH in 2002
Evening Classics (fill-in host)

Tony Magno
Joined WWUH in 1984
"Carosello Musicale Italiano"
Italian educational and cultural program. Special programming mixed with Italian music. Italian music from classical to rock. Longest running non-commercial Italian language radio program in the U.S.A., including weekly sports & news from Italia. Tony is joined each week by co-hosts Carlo Magno (joined WWUH in 1985) and Mario Grietti (joined WWUH in 1993).

Doug Maine
Joined WWUH in 1978
Friday Accent on Jazz
There’s too much great music being created in the world every day to listen to the same things over and over. WWUH has blessed me with the opportunity to hear all kinds of creative sounds and explore new ways of presenting music. Whether challenging progressive rock orthodoxy in the late 70’s or doing bluegrass fill-ins in the 80’s  I’ve always strived to bring together differrent styles and communities.  I’m always trying to learn more about where music comes from - its roots and important innovators - as well as where it’s going.  Doing jazz programs comes naturally, since it's a diverse musical world in and of itself. When everything clicks, the music flows from one style, era, culture or feeling to another.

Paul McGuiness
Tuesday night Gothic Blimp Works

Bill Measom
Joined WWUH in 1995
Thursday Accent on Jazz
The show features straight ahead jazz with some big band and progressive. I've been a jazz fan for 25 years.

Todd Michael
Joined WWUH in 2023
"U-H Radio Bluegrass"

Phillip E. Mitchell
Joined WWUH in 1983
"West Indian Rhythms"
West Indian Rhythms is a blend of music and information straight from the Caribbean - a rich mixture of calypso and reggae served up with news and updates dished out weekly. DJ Magnum hosts from time to time.

Kyle Mullins
Joined WWUH in 2019
Saturday All-Night Show

Chuck Obuchowski [Jazz Director]
Joined WWUH in 1993
Tuesday Morning Jazz
"Out Here & Beyond"
I attempt to capture the diversity of the modern jazz realm, focusing on local artists, musicians from outside the U.S. and cutting-edge improvisers. I frequently feature interviews with the music-makers.

Kevin "Moondog" O'Toole
Joined WWUH in 1988
Friday Gothic Blimp Works:
"Call It Thing"
      ...and "Culture Dogs"
"Call It Thing," with your host, Moondog is a free-form full spectrum show variously described as "all the best of anything at all" and "your weekly load-o-guff". Listen!

Plus Kevin and his cohort, Sam Hatch, co-produce Culture Dogs, an hour of movie reviews and muse every Sunday from 8-9pm. Occasional guests may appear -- real and imagined! This show is rated: X (for excellent).

Steve Petke
Joined WWUH in 1991
Thursday Evening Classics
Thursday Classics offers a broad range of music from the Middle Ages to the present, highlighting Renaissance choral music and lesser-known works by familiar and obscure composers.

Henrique N. Ribeiro
Joined WWUH in 1977
"Cultura e Vida"
Portuguese music, history, news, community affairs and dedications.

Mark Rinas (aka Mark Time)
Joined WWUH in 1978 (rejoined in 2009)
Ambience "Without Borders"
I've worked both ends of the FM dial. Commercial radio wasn't for me--WWUH IS! My musical tastes are varied: from space to world, rock to jazz, spoken word, found sounds, and tending toward the obscure. My Ambience is "outside the box", and I love The Greatest Show from Earth. As Frank Zappa said, "Music is the BEST."

Maurice D. Robertson
Joined WWUH in 1976
Wednesday Accent on Jazz
My show encompasses all aspects of improvisational music commonly known as jazz. Momentous music of past eras to the evolutionary, avant-garde. Informational nuggets, interviews and birthday tributes. Thanks for listening.

Peter Rost aka "River City Slim"
Joined WWUH in 1994
Thursday FM on Toast: "The Pine Grove Blues"

Jim Ryan
Tuesday Accent on Jazz (as of September 2016)

David Schonfeld
Joined WWUH in 2002; retired in 2024
Wednesday Evening Classics (2002-2024)
Beyond the Classroom (2012-2014)

John Scott
Joined WWUH in 1988
Friday Gothic Blimp Works
"Underground Radio"
I play a wide variety of music - rock, blues, folk, ambient and jazz - frequent interviews and more. Often I host live performances and interviews by area musicians.

Doug Sterbenz - Joined WWUH in 2001
"Street Corner Serenade"
Doug spins Rock & Roll and R&B
from the 40's through the early 60's. Occasional guest "DJs".

Gus T
Wednesday FM on Toast: "Adventures in Modern Twang"

Andy Taylor [Music Director]
Joined WWUH in 1979
Ambient, world music, the new electronic music, and rhythmic body rock, with the occasional flashback to classic space and progressive music.

Lloyd Weir
Joined WWUH in 1986
"Reggae Music"
Saturday Night Gothic Blimp Works

Tim "The Turtle Man" Ward
Monday Synthesis, "Boomer's Paradise" as of September 2016

Rick Woods
Joined WWUH in 2017
Sunday Gothic Blimp Works, "Lost in the Woods"