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Chuck Obuchowski

  • Morning Jazz: "Out Here and Beyond"
  • Tuesday 9am until Noon
  • E-Mail: cobuchow@aol.com
  • tracking calls/station jazz information:
    Tuesdays, 11:00am - 3:00pm EST at (860) 768-470

Venture Out Here & Beyond every Tuesday with host Chuck Obuchowski!

    What's in a name? My show title includes a veiled reference to Out There, a recording by one of my all-time favorite improvisers: Eric Dolphy. As for the "Here" segment, I always call attention to the many wonderful jazz musicians, events and venues in our region---whenever possible, I play music by local jazz artists and by musicians touring the area. I frequently conduct interviews (usually at 10 a.m.) with such people. My focus is primarily on music "Beyond" the standard repertoire, beyond the young lions, beyond smooth jazz, beyond current fads and/or nostalgic retreads of past styles.
    In order to maintain its vitality, jazz has always relied on improvisation and the willingness to explore new directions. I devote a major portion of every program to new releases, with an emphasis on independent artists and those musicians who allow their creative impulses free reign. Open your ears, and let the music take you...